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Paws-perity Red Envelope

Paws-perity Red Envelope

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Happy Lunar New Year! Celebrate lunar new year 2024 with red envelopes featuring Lucky Cat indulging in a cup of boba milk tea and ringing in a year of prosperity. 

The raised paw of the Lucky Cat is believed to attract wealth and success. The other hand is typically holding a Japanese five-yen coin. In this red envelope design, it's holding boba instead. 

Red envelopes, also known as "hong bao" (紅包) hold a significant place in Taiwanese & other Asian cultural celebrations, particularly during Lunar New Year. They're usually filled with money and are given to loved ones, family members, and friends as a gesture of well-wishing and prosperity. The act of giving and receiving red envelopes is believed to usher in good luck and positive energy for the recipient. 

Different families may have different "rules" for when someone stops receiving red envelopes during new year and starts giving. In some families, you stop receiving them when you get your job. In other families, you stop receiving them once you get married. 

About the Tea & Paws-perity Red Envelope 

Front: "boba milk tea & paws-perity" and illustration of lucky cat sipping on boba in one hand and holding another arm up

Back: Blank

Size: 3.5 x 6.5 in (fits USD bills)

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